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Merriam-Webster defines SUCCOR as:

  • something that you do or give to help someone who is suffering or in a difficult situation

  • something that furnishes relief, aid, help


House of Succor is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides a safe atmosphere where people can experience restoration of the spirit and healing of soul from life’s traumatic events. Through Christian biblical education, spiritual moral guidance, and community social services, they can receive inspiration, encouragement, and comfort that will bring them to a place of hope, wholeness, and confidence.


House of Succor provides ministry, inspiration, and encouragement to individuals, couples, and families through the Word of God, equipping them to live out their divine purpose and make positive life choices for themselves and their community.


To create a safe atmosphere where individuals, couples and families can experience the healing power of God that brings restoration of the spirit and healing of soul from the adversities of life.


To provide Christian biblical education and spiritual moral guidance that will minister comfort and healing to those who have been wounded in their spirit and soul from life’s challenges.

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